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Welp, after alot of deliberation, and staring at the wig, I've decided to sell this wig:

This wig is a Sepia Brand, Eve style, in the color Light Blue. Sorry, my Wii nunchuk is not included :P

However, this picture was the only time this wig was worn. I have had the wig for nearly three months, I believe, and it has never been outside of my home, and will come with a matching wig cap.

Starting price is 25.00 USD, and that includes shipping and handling. Cosworx sells this particular wig for 29.95. Considering the quality of this wig, and how well it's been kept (I'm very, very good to my wigs ♥), this is a VERY GOOD DEAL! ♥

Simply comment to this post, or contact me via e-mail @ gloriantes@gmail.com .

Hope to hear from you soon ♥

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