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Fan Plus Friend Public Wholesale Offer

(Sorry to repost heavy amount of corrections needed to be made)
Hello Fellow Gothic Lolitas!

This might be a first for this community.
I'm a wholesaler, and I wish to extend my prices to you.
The store im a wholesaler to is Fan Plus Friend. Of course I've heard of many great things about this group. One plus is they do custom sizing, so I can order wholesale in custom sizing also! I want to extend my to wholesale prices to you. Here are the details:

~Wholesale extends to the products on the site www.fanplusfriend.com and http://www.fan-store.net EXCEPT: Accessories, Hats, Headdress, Bowtie, Necktie, Choker, Underskirt, Bloomers, Emblem, and Detachable parts of a costume and eBay auctions.

~ I need a minimum of 30 outfits ordered overall. (This might be less because I plan to use the profits to buy outfits for myself)
~ I need a minimum of 3 outfits ordered per design.
Example, I need 3 of "Classic Gothic Lolita: 3 Frilled Long Sleeves Cotton Dress
SKU: V00013" before I can put an order for it.
~ You choose the size and color.
~ Initial Discount is 20% off prices stated on the site per outfit.
~ Additional discounts will occur at 51 outfits 101 outfits at 25% and 30% respectively.
~ Since this is a large order, there are no returns per say of the website. Returns are only done if the outfit comes defective. If needed to return, they must be clean, unworn and all tags still attached. To prevent future troubles, garments will inspected when I recieve them.
~ Delivery time is up to 4-6 weeks depending on shipping service and speed.
~ International residents will be subjected to increase of shipping cost.
~ Texas Residents please add 8.25%.
~ Additonal details may be added later.

To Order:
Please Send an e-mail to Avanindra18@sbcglobal.net with "F+F Group Order" in the subject.

Please state the following

Name of item
SKU (Located below item name)
Quanity desired
Size (Custom Size see note below)
Page Link

*I can order custom sizing! If you choose custom sizing, please provide the following measurements.
Your Bust
Your Waist
Bust Height
Neck Circumference
Shoulder Width
Arm Length
Your Hip
And any other ones you want to add in like Waist to Knee, Waist to Feet,
(Custom shipping will not slow down the order speed)

Payments Process.
All prices are in United States Dollars
If you wish to order I accept the following payments.

Paypal. This is the preferred payment.
Western Union.
Money Order through postal.
No Personal Checks, or Cash sent through Postal Service accepted.

Send an e-mail listing the outfit(s) you want and I will send "reserve" slip.
Payments will not be asked for until the minimum outfit number is met.

The wholesale order will go out when ALL outfits have been paid for. You have approximately one (1) week when payment is asked for.

Shipping will be from Texas. Since this is my first, I will try to cover the shipping from FanPlusFriend as much as possible.

About me:
I myself am a gothic lolita. I try to find outfits custom made, with high quality fabric at a low price.
I have all appropriate licences as required by state law.

Quanity on pending order

Item Description

Price with discount


Blouse: Short Sleeves Standup Collar Lacing up Shirt



Dress: Halter Style Cotton Lace Filled Dress *white


Tell all your friends so this order can go through! You don't have to be a member of livejournal to participate.
If you have questions, Please comment or submit an e-mail to Avanindra18@sbcglobal.net
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