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Cross-Players Unite!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Cross-Players Unite!

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wigs [18 Apr 2009|10:30pm]

[ mood | searching ]

I'm a girl cross playing as a guy and i cant find a good site to buy wigs on.i'm cross playing as Slash, the guitarist for velvet revolver.

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Making a blazer [07 Mar 2008|06:03pm]

Hey everyone, just wanna give a shout to this awesome community. I'm about to be a crossplayer soon (girl crossplaying as a guy), and I'm so very excited XD

After long hours of searching for a nice black blazer at the cost of 10-20 bucks, I finally give up. I couldn't find one anywhere. So now I have decided that I will make the blazer myself. the only problem is, I've never made a costume before, so I'm just wondering if anybody could post some pictures of the parts of a blazer and/or patterns that I could possibly use to make my blazer. Btw, I'm crossplaying as gokudera from katelyo hitman reborn.
Reference image:
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pics [29 Oct 2007|07:37am]

[ mood | bored ]

well here they are.
picsCollapse )

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hello [28 Oct 2007|03:57pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow i just found this group! anyways umm Hi! I'm Lander a Crossplayer from ATL.GA and i hope to post some pics when i get home from work ^.;;

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crossplay at AX [02 Aug 2007|12:35am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Hello again sorry I haven't written for so long. Anyway I went to AX and did some crossplay and found some other crossplayers. Here's a few photos:

Me as Nana O. and an adorable pink crossplayer

Haruhi crossplayer

Gundam Seed crossplay! She's so heavy...

Me as Rei at EVA shoot--Shinji played by a girl

My friend as Saber from Fate/Stay Night

Note Ash is played by a girl and Dawn by a guy!

I didn't have time to cosplay Tomo or Ani-Maid but I'm going to Fandemonium in Nampa Idaho this weekend so they should show up sometime!More photos to come.

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photos from Fanime Con [23 Jun 2007|01:04am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Hi folks sorry I'm late putting up photos from Fanime but it's been busy times here. Here's a handful of crossplay pics from the con;

Me as Nana Osaki

a Card Captor Sakura crossplayer

You're Under Arrest! crossplay

Temari crossplay from Naruto

There ya go! AX is approaching and I hope there are some great crossplayers there (Man-Faye DOESN'T COUNT).

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more Sakura Con pics [16 Apr 2007|08:19pm]

[ mood | content ]

Just found some more pics of me to share:

Finally the correct size of top

below is a new costume. I'm the one on the left lol!

this shot isn't bad

the skirt thingy isn't quite long enough but I'm getting it fixed for the next con.

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Crossplay photos [12 Apr 2007|08:40pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Hi all you crossplayers out there. Sakura Con was wonderful. Photos are still coming but I found some of me as Shin Ani-maid. Here they are:




I'm trying to track down others of me as Tomo, Nana O., plus my new crossplay anime costume. Stay tuned!

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Con season time=photos! [30 Mar 2007|11:08pm]

Yes it's con season!

I attended Anime Oasis DX in Boise a couple of weekends ago. So I was able to wear some of my new costumes, 3 of which were crossplay. And here are photos:

Nana Osaki, NANA, (black outfit)

Shin Ani-maid (replacing the original Ani-maid costume)

Tomo Takino, Azumanga Daioh

Sakura Con in Seattle is just around the corner so there will be more photos and costumes to come!
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WIG FOR SALE [11 Mar 2007|10:02am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Welp, after alot of deliberation, and staring at the wig, I've decided to sell this wig:

This wig is a Sepia Brand, Eve style, in the color Light Blue. Sorry, my Wii nunchuk is not included :P

However, this picture was the only time this wig was worn. I have had the wig for nearly three months, I believe, and it has never been outside of my home, and will come with a matching wig cap.

Starting price is 25.00 USD, and that includes shipping and handling. Cosworx sells this particular wig for 29.95. Considering the quality of this wig, and how well it's been kept (I'm very, very good to my wigs ♥), this is a VERY GOOD DEAL! ♥

Simply comment to this post, or contact me via e-mail @ gloriantes@gmail.com .

Hope to hear from you soon ♥

(Cross-posted to cross_play, crossplay, and flcosplayers)

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Winter/Spring Wholesale FanPlusFriend Group Order [24 Jan 2007|07:12pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Last Update: January 24, 2007 6:43 PM
Order Due Date: February 7, 2007 12:00 AM

*** Order Open; 50 items needed to commence order.***
*** 51 items needed for increase of discount***

Hello Fellow Gothic Lolitas!

I'm a wholesaler, and I wish to extend my prices to you.
The store i'm a wholesaler to is FanPlusFriend. Of course, I've heard of many great things about this group. One plus is they do custom sizing, so I can order wholesale in custom sizing also! The best thing, they don't charge extra for it! Because of these benefits, I want to extend my to wholesale prices to you.
Here are the details:
~Wholesale extends to the products on the site http://www.fanplusfriend.com and http://www.fan-store.net EXCEPT: Accessories such as Jewelry , Shoes, Bags, Hat, Hairdress, bow tie, Necktie, Choker, Underskirt, Bloomers, Emblem, and detachable parts of a costume and eBay auctions. (This includes accessories that require an additional costs)
For example:
http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-53/Cyber-Punk--fdsh-Lolita-Rock/Detail The tie, sleeve emblem and hat aren't included in the wholesale offer.

This does include: Outfits, Coats, Jackets, Blouses, Skirts, Pants, Wigs, and all cosplay outfits.

Terms for ordering: (Detailed and messy I know but important ^_^;;)
~ I need a minimum of (30) thirty different pieces ordered overall. (This might be less because I plan to use the profits to buy outfits for myself)
~ I need a minimum of 3 outfits ordered per design.
Example, I need 3 of "Classic Gothic Lolita: 3 Frilled Long Sleeves Cotton Dress
SKU: V00013" before I can put an order for it.
~ You choose the size/custom size and color.
~ Initial Discount is 20% off prices stated on the site per outfit.
~ Additional discounts will occur at 51 outfits, 101 outfits at 25% and 30% respectively.
~ All items will be shipped from FanPlusFriend. This will be "dropshipped" from them. The shipment cost should not be expensive. If dropshipping will be more expensive than individual shipping from my place of business, I will ship them
~ If dropshipping occurs, you have up to 48 hours after receiving the package to ask and qualify for an exchange/return from FanPlusFriend.
~ If I personally have to ship the items. There are no refunds. Exchanges only if there are errors in communication through emails or mis measurement of items of custom orders. Please TRIPLE CHECK all measurements. There will be no returns or exchanges if items don't fit and measurements are correct. FanPlusFriend states to not give room as they're made to measure, but personally I give it an extra inch or two.
~ Texas Residents please add 8.25%.
~ additional details may be added later.
~ There is no minimum costume order for an individual person per order.
~ Separate orders for one person will be charged shipping for each order.
Example: One person wants two dresses but paying with two seperate money orders. Shipping will be charged on each of those orders.
~ If the number of pieces reach the next discount tier, another 7-10 days will be added to the ordering time.
~ Your responsible of any shipping details such as wishing to have tracking numbers, insurance, and confirmations.

Items requested
None requested.

To Order:
Please send an e-mail to Avanindra18@sbcglobal.net with "F+F Group Order" in the subject. Leaving a comment will mostly likely not be noted for orders.

Please state the following

Livejournal Name

Name of item
SKU (Located below item name)
Quanity desired
Color /(Color Details)
Size (Custom Size see note below)

*I can order custom sizing! If you choose custom sizing, please provide the following measurements.
Weight (Total Weight)
Height (Total Height)
Your Bust (Around the fullest part of your chest)
Your Waist (Around belly, near the belly button)
Bust Height (Top of the shoulder line, tape lying flat against the skin to the peak of the bust)
Neck Circumference (Around the base or thickest part of the neck)
Shoulder Width (Shoulder end to end)
Arm Length (Top of shoulder to wrist)
Your Hip
And any other ones you want to add in like Waist to Knee, Waist to Feet,
(Due to high number of custom sizing, this will slow down production speed)

Payments Process
All prices are in United States Dollars
If you wish to order I accept the following payments.

Money Orders.
No Personal Checks, or Cash sent through Postal Service are accepted.

Send an e-mail listing the outfit(s) you want and I will send an reserve/invoice.
Payments will not be asked for until the order is closed.

The wholesale order will go out when ALL outfits have been paid for. You have approximately one (1) week when payment is asked for. Those paying through the mail system please consider delivery speed.

Shipping will be from Texas. I'll try to make the shipping as cheap as possible.
I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND you purchase insurance. This will depending on how much your purchase totals. If something happens, to the package, its not my responsibility. If you are an a buyer outside of the United States. You are responsible for custom fees. If you have any special instructions of shipping or anything of the sort, please let me know.

About me
I myself am a gothic /aristocrat. I try to find outfits custom made, with high quality fabric at a low price.
I have done this order before in the past. I was told my customer service and communication is good.
I have all appropriate licences as required by state law.


Q: What is shipping cost to me?
A: It depends if the order is going out as dropshipping or done through me. Also, the number of items you order and shipping service. This can't be figured until the order is made. It will consist of shipping from FanPlusFriend or shipping from my place of business. This a group order so everyone is paying a certain percentage to the total order.

Q: There is free shipping on the site for orders $500 and above. Don't we get free shipping?
A: No, the free shipping offer is only for retail orders. This is a wholesale order.

Q: What is time you cut off for orders?
A: February 7, 2007 12:00 AM

Q: What happens if someone pulls out of a order, will it reduce the discount?
A: This is a serious order. Please be considerate and try not to back out last second. If this occurs, then everyone will have an adjustment to their invoices.

Q: You shipped me the item, but its defective that its the wrong size, what do I do?
A: Contact me as soon as possible. Its best to purchase faster shipping. I will try to contact and negotiate with FanPlusFriend.

Q: Whats the cost for custom sizing?
A: There is no extra cost for custom shipping.

Q: I plan to move/go on vacation. Will the package make it to me?
A: I suggest before you move to your place of residence, you should put in a change of address form with your local postal service. This will reduce the chance of the postal losing the package. Same goes for holding mail for vacation. If your package doesn't arrive, then check with your local postal service.

Q: Will you provide tracking numbers?
A: If requested and if available.

Any questions can be asked by leaving a comment in the thread or e-mailing me at Avanindra18@sbcglobal.net

Please try to keep the thread open for business. This isn't a place to leave negative or rants about me or FanPlusFriend. Im trying to keep everything positive. ^_^

Be sure to bookmark this entry! It gets updated as more orders are requested. Please excuse the cross posting. The post in EGL community will be updated only.

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Fan Plus Friend Public Wholesale Offer [18 Jul 2006|08:34pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

(Sorry to repost heavy amount of corrections needed to be made)
Hello Fellow Gothic Lolitas!

This might be a first for this community.
I'm a wholesaler, and I wish to extend my prices to you.
The store im a wholesaler to is Fan Plus Friend. Of course I've heard of many great things about this group. One plus is they do custom sizing, so I can order wholesale in custom sizing also! I want to extend my to wholesale prices to you. Here are the details:

Fan Plus Friends Public Wholesale OrderCollapse )
Items on order. This list will update as orders come inCollapse )

Tell all your friends so this order can go through! You don't have to be a member of livejournal to participate.
If you have questions, Please comment or submit an e-mail to Avanindra18@sbcglobal.net

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Shiokaze Meet Up [16 Apr 2006|05:43pm]

The next Houston convention is comming soon! April 28th. Shiokaze is comming up. I'm sure there are people and groups that want to do a meet up. Personally, im not a member of any but would be glad to know the groups. I know there is a park near the Hyatt hotel where the convention is being held. Its a great place to hold a photo shoot with nice scenery. How about everyone start throwing out suggestions for times.

Moderators may delete if nesscessary.

X-posted to many other EGL/EGA and crossplay/crossdressing groups.
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GL meet up at Houston, Anime No Kon [15 Feb 2006|09:35pm]

Anime No Kon
Gothic Lolita Meet-up
University of Houston
University Center Arborl Level
2:00PM - 3:00PM

Your invited to a meet up at University of Houston. The meet up shall be in the University Center in the Arbor. That's in the basement level of the main building. Its where the fountain, arcade, cougar den, ice cream shop are located. We shall meet next to the ampguard people. Like next to a little garden. I hope everyone will join. You can look for a boy in a dress, thats me, Yuki. Everyone bring your cameras, look your best! Enjoy the convention!

Parking Information, DirectionsCollapse )

EDIT: Its on Feb 17th 2006

If its not raining then we shall have a photoshoot near Cullen Fountians.

Many x-postings, sorries.
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[09 Feb 2006|07:01pm]

Fine, I'll update first, in like forever..:b

Well the headshot in my icon is new..

and here's a comparision of my loose socks, striped socks and legwarmers. The 120 cm (6 ft.) are on the left, and the shorter 70cm are on the right.

Yea, it's nothing spectaular.. but it's all i could dig out on a momments notice!

Read more...Collapse )
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[09 Feb 2006|06:30pm]

You people need to up date more...!!
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Houston Loli Meet-Up 2/17/2006 [26 Jan 2006|11:56pm]

Hello all lolitas! I've noticed that everywhere but in houston theres a meet up, so i'm announcing my own in collaboration with Anime no Kai at Univ. Houston.

On Feb. 17th 2006, At University of Houston, in the University Center, Your invited to a lolita meet-up in Houston during Univ. Houston, a premire anime open house, Anime no Kon. (yesh I know what was a really bad run-on) This is an invite from the head of events. For now, a time hasn't been announced cause I haven't decided. ^^;;; Most likely this will be a panel with a photo shoot with the arbor fountians or the cullen fountians near by. Look your best hope to see you soon ^^

Head of Events
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Happy Holidays! [25 Dec 2005|01:31am]

[ mood | excited ]

Happy Hollidays Everyone! I'm away from my house on vacation and I caught a break that my aunt and uncle left the house for a party. They wouldn't approve a crossplaying newphew/niece so I took the opprotunity. Its time for my christmas photoshoot! The dress im wearing and the matching 60GB Black iPod are both gifts. The dress was a present from mai girlfriend and the iPod a gift to myself for getting all B's in college and an awesome job at the casinos. If you look close enough, the picture in the iPod is the dress im wearing. Cut and linked for your enjoyment.

Side Profile #1

Side Profile #2

Side Profile #3

Me trying to look modelish

Hiding behind the iPod

Gothic Lolita sporting the iPod.

Entry crossposted to my journal and other gothic lolita related communities. Mods can delete if off topic

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Chibi Yuki [22 Jun 2005|09:06pm]

[ mood | Happy yet so bored ]

This was a drawing done by Madalyn. Its a chibi version of me if someone was to make the Chibi Gothic Lolita Yuki plushie.

Chibi Gothic Lolita PlushieCollapse )

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Layering contacts?? [18 May 2005|02:36am]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm in the process of cosplaying Neji from Naruto, but I've come to a bump in the road. I want to get white contacts for the costume. I've been considering the WildEyes White Out and Crystal Reflections Manson contacts, but here's the problem - I already wear contacts. Getting them in my perscription is damn near impossible because I have an astigmatism.

I heard from someone selling contacts at a convention that you can layer contacts with no problem. Layering would mean having my regular contacts on and then putting the white contacts on over them. She said it can be done for eight hours safely. Is this true?

Byakugan reference imageCollapse )

Comments and/or experiences would be appreciated!

x-posted... a lot

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